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XXIX International Scientific Symposium

Metrology and Metrology Assurance 2019

6-10, September, Sozopol, Bulgaria

Call for Papers

The International Scientific Symposium "Metrology and Metrology Assurance" is a premier forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of metrology and metrology assurance.

  • General aspects of metrology. Measurement methods. Unity and accuracy of measurements
  • Sensors, transducers and devices for measurement of physical quantities
  • Measurement and information systems and technologies
  • Measurements in the industry
  • Measurements in the electrical power engineering
  • Acoustics measurements, vibration measurements and diagnostics
  • Measurements in the ecology, biotechnology, medicine, and sport
  • Measurement of non-physical quantities. Measurements in humanities
  • Quality management and control, standardization and certification